Make the saddle broken and/or carriage.

If you want your horse to make a saddle broken in a pleasant way or have it shown, you've come to the right place. We have a lot of experience with teaching young horses. The horses are always treated with respect and we think it is very important that they enjoy and keep working. They are therefore not only trained in the inner box but also go outside with them. We often suggest that you come here a few times to train with the horse so that you can easily continue your training at home.

The duration of the training mainly depends on:

1. The condition in which the horse is delivered.

2. The character of the horse.

3. Your wishes regarding the training level.

On average, the training duration is 4 - 6 weeks.

We have been successfully preparing horses for inspection for many years.

If you want to have your horse prepared for inspection, you can contact us. We first take a look at the horse to get an idea of the horse's condition. For example, an estimate can be made of how long the horse should be in our stable. Then we can decide together with you for which inspection we will give up the horse.

You are always very welcome to come and see your horse and follow the progress of the training in this way. The duration of the training is on average 6 weeks.

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