Jorn 430

Jorn 430

Jorn is a sport approved stallion who year in, year out is grandmaster in the national dressage summit.

Some highlights in the sports career of Jorn: 7 years in a row - Champion KFPS dressage (2007 to 2013), Winner Silver Whip (2008), Champion Stallion competition KFPS (2009/2011). The stallion was even allowed to promote the Grand Prix. In short, a proven sport stallion!. 

From an exterior perspective, Jorn has grown into a striking, racial appearance with a very intelligent glance. The stallion was bred by Jac. The rider from Nijbeets (Line 50). Father is the preferent Fabe 348 and mother is the model mare Anke R. This is a daughter of Feitse 293 (preferent) and the model mare Ostara. Further in this line, we see the Model Preferent mare Namke.

Jorn has a relatively low inbreeding percentage and kinship percentage. Jorn turns out to be a super "Sportvererver". 

The stallion Elias 494 is the most recent breeding success of Jorn. Elias, previously known as Jorn from the Demro Stables, performs exceptionally in dressage under Peter Spahn and has been approved for the breeding service on that basis.

Height: 1.68

In addition to Jorn, we can inseminate your mare to almost all other available KFPS stallions. Ask for the possibilities.

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